The amazing but really quite simple hard drive lights.

Here's a preview:

The PCB will look something like this.Backside of PCB

What IS IT?

A little board of LED's that goes on the front of your computer or on top of your desk.  It is a replacement for the boring, usually hard to see hard drive access LED on the front of your computer case.  This one is a circle of LED's that spins to let you know how quickly your hard drive is being accessed.  It's really cool.  The ones that will be for sale will be way cooler than the prototype in this video. (Click here for the video)


Whenever you order.  I have the parts for several drivelights ready to build so I will be ready to ship several within a couple of days of when you place the order.  Click "Add to Cart" a few lines down to buy one.

How Much?

$18.00 each plus $8.00 for shipping domestically.  I accept PayPal payments but you don't have to have or create a PayPal account to use PayPal to securely send payment.  By clicking "View Cart" at the top or "Add to cart" below, you go through PayPal to buy your very own drivelight.  Your payment information (credit card number, etc.) will not be provided to us; only used by PayPal to send payment to

Where does it go?

There are several options.  Later I will provide a manual with detailed instructions for each of these options.

1) On your desktop where it is easy to see when your computer is below the desk, just like my prototype.

2) In an empty CD-ROM bay cover.  It is the perfect size to be mounted on the inside or outside of one of the blank covers. 

3) On the front of the case.

Latest Status:

10/13/06 - I have procrastinated with this project long enough.  You don't have to be a PayPal member to use PayPal to pay me for the drivelights.  I have a button on the homepage to automate the ordering process if you want to order only one (at a time).

4/28/06 - I have been building the first couple of them.  They are almost ready to be ordered.

3/30/06 - I found a source for the delayed parts, so I should be fully assembling these the first week of April.

2/20/06 - The design is complete!!!  The PCB's and parts have both arrived.  Unfortunately, there is a delay.  One of the parts I ordered is the wrong part that won't physically fit onto this board and it is looking like 5 months before I can get the right parts.


Questions: Ask David.